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When my daughter was very tiny, she was playing with blocks while the Seahawks were on television. The official blew his whistle and said, "Time out!" My daughter turned to me and said, "Mommy? What that naughty Seahawk boy do?" (For those who don't have young children, "time out" was the disciplinary technique of the early 90's!)

And so it goes for those of us who bleed blue, raising our children in our Seahawks homes! They learn about the 'hawks at a very young age! They learn to say "mamamamama", they learn to say "dadadadadada", and they learn to say "hehawk"!!!!!

I'm hard pressed to come up with something that stirs me more than seeing Seahawk Dad give his new little Sea Gal a tender kiss as he welcomes her into the world and holds her so securely. Isn't it awesome?! And what, pray tell, could be more adorable than a baby wearing a uniform complete with helmet?!?!

In my travels to Seahawk games and through my friendships on the WWW, I've met a lot of proud papas in my time!! Mamas too, of course, but ohhh, there are some dads who are mighty proud of their young uns! This page is to celebrate the future of the Sea Hawkers! These are the little ones we will train to uphold the Blue, Green and Silver, no matter how the color scheme may change through the years! These are the ever-faithful fans, the ones who will watch us groan with exasperation over another 9-7 season, and the ones who will watch us soar when we win our first Super Bowl!!!! Think of the bragging rights they'll have! They'll be able to say "I've been a Seahawk fan since I was a baby!" -- and we'll have the proof!

Send me pics of your little Sea guy or gal by e-mail and I'll post the picture(s) on this page! If you want to omit names/cities/states/etc. for reasons of safety and confidentiality, I'll respect your wishes, of course!