1982 Seattle Seahawks Draft Picks
1. Bryant, Jeff DE Clemson 6
2. Scholtz, Bruce LB Texas 33
3. Metzelaars, Pete TE Wabash 75
6. Campbell, Jack T Utah 144
7. Williams, Eugene LB Tulsa 174
8. Cooper, Chester WR Minnesota 201
9. Jefferson, David LB Miami 228
10. Austin, Craig LB South Dakota 258
11. Clancy, Sam DE-DT Pittsburgh 284
12. Naylor, Frank C Rutgers 311

Source: Norm Evans' Seahawk Report, Vol. 4, No. 3, May 3-July 18, 1982

Seahawks rate 'fair' draft; Pats top AFC

by Charlie Nobles
A good draft and a mild schedule springboarded San Francisco and Cincinnati into the Super Bowl after dismal 1981 seasons. Perhaps that combination could work for Seattle this season.

On the other hand, maybe the Seahawks blew the drafting end of that scenario. Though admittedly a premature judgement, let’s examine how the AFC teams drafted.

SEATTLE—Writes Chicago Sun-Times columnist Brian Hewitt: “Once again Seattle has proven its idea of a draft is what happens when you leave the window open.” I won’t be so harsh. No. 1 pick, Jeff Bryant of Clemson, can play. So can No. 2, Texas linebacker Bruce Scholtz, who has a great attitude. But after that I’m not quite sure what the Seahawks have. Certainly to have such an advantageous drafting position, seventh, the club didn’t exactly do much to send its fans into a frenzy. RATING: Fair.