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2012 Seattle Seahawks Draft Picks
Rd 1, Pick 12 (12)
Traded to Eagles
Rd 1, Pick 15 (15)
Bruce Irvin
DE, 6'5", 322, LSU
Rd 2, Pick 11 (43)
Traded to Jets
Rd 2, Pick 15 (47)
Bobby Wagner
ILB, 6'0", 233, Utah State
Rd 3, Pick 12 (75)
Russell Wilson
QB, 5'11", 204, Wisconsin
Rd 4, Pick 11 (106)
Robert Turbin
RB, 5'10", 222, Utah St.
Rd 4, Pick 19 (114)
Jaye Howard
DT, 6'3", 301, Florida
From Eagles
Rd 5, Pick 12 (147)
Traded to Bills
Rd 5, Pick 19 (154)
Korey Toomer
ILB, 6'2", 234, Idaho
From Jets
Rd 6, Pick 2 (172)
Jeremy Lane
CB, 6'0", 184, Northwestern State (LA)
From Colts through Eagles
Rd 6, Pick 11 (181)
Winston Guy
DB, 6'1", 218, Kentucky
Rd 7, Pick 12 (219)
Traded to Vikings through Lions
Rd 7, Pick 18 (225)
JR Sweezy
DE, 6'5", 298, NC State
From Raiders
Rd 7, Pick 25 (232)
Greg Scruggs
DE, Louisville
From Broncos through Jets

How did we fare?

Russell Wilson

2012 - Won the starting QB job away from a very good Matt Flynn; won the hearts of the fans as well. Led the Seahawks into the playoffs with a lot of style and excitement. Amazing rookie QB, contender for Rookie of the Year.

2013 - Led the team to the Super Bowl in only his second NFL season! Continues to be an amazing player and an outstanding role model. Very much community minded, fan friendly, and ends all his interviews with his signature GO HAWKS!

Robert Turbin

2012 - Nicknamed 'the Turbinator', described as a muscle with legs! Filled in well when Lynch was out with an injury.

2013 - Hard to get playing time when Lynch is running so wel, but Turbin continues to impress and is a key contributor.

Bruce Irvin

2012 - Showing a lot of promise; has an incredible come-from-behind life story.

2013 - Suspended for the first four games of the 2013 NFL season for a violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy.

Bobby Wagner

2012 - The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-loving Bobby Wagner (hey, it's true, he wears the backpack and collects the toys) was described by in this way: Bobby Wagner proved to be one of the bargain picks of last year's NFL Draft, a second-round choice who provided first-round production as the starting middle linebacker of an excellent Seattle Seahawks defense.

“Bobby Wagner, I’m really impressed with. He’s really athletic. He’s really strong mentally. He’s really smart. He really cares about what he does – his work ethic, about being a really good professional.” -- Ken Norton, linebackers coach

2013 - Still active, still contributing. Not sure if he's still a FMNT-lover!

Korey Toomer

2012 - Signed to the practice squad.

2013 - Placed on IR.

Jeremy Lane

2012 - Made three starts and was a standout on special teams.

Winston Guy

2012 - Active for two games and played on special teams; suspended for four games for a performance-enhancing drug policy violation using an OTC substance.

2013 - Released in the final cuts of 2013 and signed with the Jags.

JR Sweezy

2012 - Had to laugh at this description in an article on but honestly, I have no worries, Sweezy is going to be fine! "Sweezy started the opener at right guard and got a baptismal by blowtorch against the Cardinals’ blitz-crazed defense that showed him looks that have become the stuff of nightmares."

Greg Scruggs

2012 - How can you not love a guy who says this: "But for me, my family is the fans. So whatever I can find to go hang out with them, I do. People think I joke about that when I send out tweets asking them what’s going on, but I’m serious. If you’re having a BBQ or something today – invite me. I’ll show up. The 12th Man is my family."

2013 - Place on IR.

Jaye Howard

2012 - Unsigned draft pick.

2013 - Signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.