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2013 Seattle Seahawks Draft Picks
Rd 2, Pick 30 (62)
Michael Christine, RB
(From Ravens)
Rd 3, Pick 25 (87)
Jordan Hill, DT
Rd 4, Pick 26 (123)
Chris Harper, WR
Rd 5, Pick 4 (137)
Jesse Williams, DT
(From Lions)
Rd 5, Pick 5 (138)
Tharold Simon, CB
(From Raiders)
Rd 5, Pick 25 (158)
Luke Willson, TE
Rd 6, Pick 26 (194)
Spencer Ware, RB
Rd 7, Pick 14 (220)
Ryan Seymour, G
(From Saints)
Rd 7, Pick 25 (231)
Ty Powell, DE
Rd 7, Pick 35 (241)
Jared Smith, DT
Rd 7, Pick 36 (242)
Michael Bowie, OT

How did we fare?

The million dollar question is ... Who are these people??? This is one of the most bizarre draft classes for the Seahawks that I can remember. We know that rookies won't always be all stars right from the start, but at the end of the season as I review this, I don't even know who half of these players are. I can't think of a year like this since I've had my site up and running.

Michael Christine

2013 - We've heard of Michael Christine as he got some playing time in the 2013 season. Upon completion of the season, Coach Carroll had this to say of Christine: “He probably has the most breakout potential of anybody because you haven’t seen him yet. We’ve seen him. We know he can do very special stuff. He played in a very competitive position. It was hard to get in there with Marshawn and Robert Turbin there, but he’ll give those guys a lot of run when we come back to work. He’ll grow a lot from year one to year two. We all know in our program he’s going to be very explosive and a really exciting guy.”

Jordan Hill

2013 - Jordan Hill had two biceps injuries, played in 4 games, and was not active for the Super Bowl.

Chris Harper

2013 - Chris Harper from K-State (GO CATS!) was traded to San Francisco and then the Packers in his rookie season.

Jesse Williams

2013 - Jesse Williams was placed on IR with a knee injury. His claim to fame in his rookie year is that he became the first native Australian (sigh!) to win a Super Bowl ring after Seattle's victory in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Tharold Simon

2013 - Tharold Simon, arrested for immature behavior preceding the draft when his ego got the best of him, was placed on IR for the 2013 season.

Luke Willson

2013 - Luke Willson, ah, finally a name we recognize! Wilson to Willson was a thing of beauty throughout the season, and Willson played in all 16 games in 2013. Coach Carroll said of Willson, "He's been a fantastic draft pick for us, an incredible draft pick.

Spencer Ware

2013 - Spencer Ware played in two games, carried three times for ten yards, was on IR due to an ankle injury, got a DUI in January 2014 and missed the championship game and the Super Bowl.

Ryan Seymour

2013 - Ryan Seymour was signed to the practice squad, released and then signed by the 49ers in 2013.

Ty Powell

2013 - Ty Powell was released, signed with the Giants and then with the Bills in 2013.

Jared Smith

2013 - Jared Smith, aka Fat Rabbit, is ... um ... wait a second. Fat Rabbit??? “They said I was fast as a rabbit. And I was also fat.” Life is funny in that peculiar way, isn't it? Wiki says Fat Rabbit was placed on IR.

Michael Bowie

2013 - Michael Bowie played in 9 games in 2013 and had a promising start in the NFL.