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2005 Tigers
My perspective on the game will be back again in the 2005 season, for what it's worth!

In-Depth: Jay Schulz
A week-by-week look at Jay Schulz as the 2005 season unfolds!

2004 TIgers
My comments on each game in the 2004 season with your letters!!

2003 TIgers
My first year to make a website for our Tigers! It started as a primer for other Americans but migrated to a plain old fan site, which is where it's at today!

Crystal Ball
Throughout the 2004 season, Aussie Chris Greenway wrote his game predictions. They're all here!

Now that's a smart kid!

Listed below are a few sites I've found to be helpful and fun in the way of football. If you have links you think others would like, please mail them to me for inclusion on this page!

I'd also like to put together a link page for places to go and things to see in Australia for the benefit of US viewers. I invite Australians to share your favourite haunts with me for a project I'll be working on in coming months! Thanks in advance for your help!

The Official Richmond Tigers Site

Commitment. Courage. Passion.
Get the team selections here, read about the player of the week, catch up on our previous games -- it's all right here!

AFL Official Site

This is the AFL Official Site. You can tune in during a game for scoring updates and stats. They update the ladder as soon as the games are over and they carry great articles!

The Tiger's Lair

This is a Richmond Fan Page by David Clayton, a wonderful footy fan and a great person! It's full of links and even a song! I'm partial to the personalities of fan pages so I highly recommend this one!

Punt Road End

A wonderful source of news from Tigerland!

Billed as "A good ordinary website"!


Like football cards? Yeah, me too!!


Like more football cards? Yeah, me too!!

Australian Football Assn. of North America

This US organization works diligently on getting TV coverage of Aussie Rules in the US. Not always successfully, I might add. The site includes a viewing guide for US and Canadian cable subscribers.

Darren Bennett's Page

Come on! You know Darren! Sure you do! He's the Aussie in the NFL!! And his meat pie recipe is in the NFL cookbook! (We don't have pies in the States, you know!)

The Age

This is the footy site at The Age! I try to check it daily!

Channel 7 Sport

This is the site for Channel 7. They've gone to frames so I can't direct you specifically to a footy site, or even more importantly to a Richmond site but you might enjoy browsing around anyway. Never know what neat cricket info you'll run into!!

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