What a disappointment. What a bitter loss. We were sooooooo close. *sigh* I wanted this game bad...

My friend and I arrived in Denver late Saturday night. As is customary on Game Day, I awoke early Sunday morning, tossing and turning, ready for the big game!! As we headed downstairs for breakfast in the hotel, I caught sight of the beautiful Rocky Mountains!! What a rush of excitement!! With the problems we'd encountered on the way to Denver (don't ask!) I'd nearly forgotten that we were near the Rockies, and it was a pleasant surprise to look out at the snow capped mountains in awe!!

We had asked around about the best way to get to the game and the general consensus was that we should take the Park-n-Ride bus to the game to avoid traffic congestion and parking problems. Sounded good to us so we picked up the bus at the Smoky Hill stop in Aurora and headed to the game the easy way! We caught the noon bus for a 2:00 game. There was one other Seahawk fan on the bus so we enjoyed a lively conversation on the way to the stadium. Denver fans were polite and courteous, though they had somewhat of a bewildered look as if they thought Seahawk fans were aliens!! I had continual chills from the excitement of the upcoming game and the thrill of seeing the mountains I just love!! I was hyped!!

We no sooner pulled into the parking area at Mile High Stadium when one of the passengers on the bus became motion sick. I don't have to tell you what happened but suffice it to say my friend was on the receiving end of it. Icky!! If ever there's a bad omen of things to come, perhaps this is it!! She was quite a trooper, however; we cleaned up and trudged on into the stadium bound and determined to make the best of this adventure!!

There is a fence around the playing field at Mile High so fans are allowed to go onto the field up to the fenced area! It was TERRIFIC to be able to watch the players that close! We weren't able to obtain autographs but we sure enjoyed watching the players warm up before the game! Each time a Seahawk fan would pass, we'd exchange high-fives and extend our best wishes for a great game! I was pleasantly surprised to see as many Seahawks fans as I did! We were well-represented considering we were the away team!!

I had obtained my tickets via the Internet and our seats were located in the fifth level. In fact, our seats were in the fifth level very near the top!! My friend has asthma and found it very difficult to breathe so I ended up sitting in the stands without her company. I was most relieved when another Seahawks fan sat directly behind me! The other fans around me were again polite and courteous, but still it felt good to have an ally!! One Bronco fan tapped me on the shoulder and told me he admired me for being brave enough to wear my #12 Seahawks jersey! He wasn't being sarcastic or funny; he was most sincere! It was kinda cool!!

It was a beautiful day in Denver! We were very fortunate considering the blizzard that had occurred the week prior! Most of the snow had melted but there were places with piles still remaining. I wore an insulated turtleneck under my game jersey and was quite comfortable if not a little warm. However, when the sun set later in the game, I was very glad to be wearing several layers and considered donning the hat, coat and gloves! (Just couldn't bring myself to cover up my jersey, however! VERY PROUD to be a fan of the Seahawks!!)

It was terrific to watch members of the Air Force Academy parachute into the stadium! The crowd cheered and excitement took hold as the kick-off became nearer! The national anthem was sung beautifully. The Broncos won the toss and elected to receive. We were off and running...!

I was ecstatic when we held the Broncos on their first series! Our first scoring drive wasn't pretty but it put three points on the board and that's what counts!! I was shocked at how quiet the stadium was! The noise level picked up in our section when two face-painting, jersey-wearing Seahawk fans walked into our section beating their chests!!! I LOVED IT!!! We were packed tight and I didn't have my camera accessible so I wasn't able to take advantage of the photo op but believe me, it was priceless!! For a brief moment I was wishing I had face paints so I could join them!! Gotta love the wild fans!!!

When the Fan Assistance staff approached me I was greatly concerned about my asthmatic friend. I left my seat to check on her only to discover that she'd been able to trade tickets with another Seahawks fan and we were now in the first level on the 19th row! Wooo Hooo!! Talk about a difference!!! It seems that several of the face-painters had tickets scattered throughout the stadium! Our seats were near two of their friends...PERFECT for them, terrific for us! My friend continued to watch the game from the concourse area where she could get ample amounts of breathing room, but I was fortunate enough to be sitting near TWO other Seahawks fans and boy, did we have a GOOD TIME!

The Seahawks played very well and the three of us celebrated each and every good play!! The fans around us were good sports, which was asking quite a lot considering all the serious cheering we were doing!! How many Seahawk fans does it take to equal a stadium of Bronco fans? I'm not sure but I know of three who tried!! We were pelted with peanuts each time we expressed our enthusiasm with screams and high fives but it was well worth it to be able to share the moment with fellow fans!! It was a grrrrreat time! The highlights were holding Denver in the red zone to force them to go for a field goal, sacking Elway, and, of course, recovering the fumbles! I was VERY proud of our Seahawks!

The Bronco fans got the wave going a couple of times and once it made it all the way around the stadium! That's OUR wave, it belongs to Seattle but regardless, it's an awesome thing of which to be a part!! The fans in Denver also have a ritual whenever the opposing team gets an incomplete pass in which the entire stadium chants: IN-COM-PLETE! It must be very annoying to hear it each time the ball is dropped or thrown away! Ahhh, the mind games!! (Come on, #12! Seattle needs to put together similar rituals to help out our team when we're in the Kingdome!!)

The game came down to the wire and we had our chance to win! We didn't make it. I remember so clearly the anticipation of the three of us who stood together, hands clasped together in an almost prayerful way, knowing on fourth down that this was the play to make us or break us. The Bronco fans surrounding us were also on their feet wishing exactly the opposite. One would win; the other would lose. The tension was incredible and it took every ounce of courage I had to keep my eyes open. Warren Moon stepped back to throw the ball, it was tipped by Blades and Galloway was unable to make the reception. My heart sunk to my toes. I thought we could do it. I believed! And it hurt to lose. The Bronco fans were rabid! I looked at my new Seahawk friends and their expression said it all. Their pained looks are etched into my mind as I relive those final moments. We came soooooo close. But close doesn't count. I can't tell you how disappointed I was.

It was a madhouse trying to get out of the stadium, as no one had left the game early. I watched the players come off the field and my heart went out to them. I knew exactly how they felt.

Eventually I joined the masses in exiting the stadium. It was a sea of fans and I searched the crowds for fellow Seahawk fans to offer my condolences. All agreed that it was a well played game and we were very proud of our beloved Seahawks. I wondered what it would be like to ride the bus back but again, the Denver fans were very respectful. They had only positive things to say about the Seahawks and were more concerned with the problems they saw from the Denver side. They criticized Denver's offense; I corrected them by telling them that Denver was up against a tough defense!! (I will defend our team to the end!!!) We laughed as we critiqued the game from opposite points of view but in the end, all agreed that it was a great game and that Seattle is a force with which to be reckoned.

That's probably the last game I'll get to see in person this season. From here on out, it's Sunday Ticket! I hope you've enjoyed the Game Day reports! I know how difficult it is to get to see the Seahawks in person if you're not in the Seattle area so I hope by sharing my experiences you will feel more a part of our team, too. Most of all I hope it has encouraged you to go to the games when the Seahawks are near your home town! It's important to show our support for the team when they're at home or on the road and it's always great fun to be at the game and meet other fans!! So if the opportunity comes your way, ACCEPT IT!! Grab a friend and take in some serious SEAHAWK FOOTBALL!! And then write to me with all the details cause I never tire of hearing about the Hawks!!!

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