This may not quite be what you expected! Rather than tell about the game this time, I'm going to share the rest of my trip to my favorite American city!

I love Seattle! It's got the mountains, the ocean, the city, the forests and THE SEAHAWKS!!!!!!! Wa Hooooooo!!!

So come along, if you'd like, on my most recent trek to the Emerald City! Anywhere you see something underlined, feel free to follow the link to a photo! After viewing the picture, click the "back" button to return to this text. Hope you enjoy our travels!

Thursday, November 5, 1998

We left Salina, Kansas at 12:15 for a three hour drive to Kansas City, Missouri to catch the flight to Seattle. The Smoky Hill River was out of its banks near Junction City, Kansas, as were most of the rivers along the way. A sure sign of the heavy rainfall we've had in Kansas in the last week or so. With winter approaching, the trees are beginning to become bare, giving us quite a view of the hawks and owls ordinarily hidden from view.

It's 190 miles from Salina to Kansas City International Airport and we made it just in time! We took our seats at 4:15 for a flight that was scheduled for departure at 4:20!! I was getting just a little worried!!

It was a cold, windy day in Kansas. As the plane lifted off, we went through a layer of clouds and when we emerged, it was the most beautiful sight! We were high above an even, fluffy layer of clouds. Every so often there was a ridge of higher clouds poking up, as if a mountain could be found below! We enjoyed the view all the way to sunset, when the fluffy whiteness turned shades of pink and orange!

As we crossed the Rocky Mountains, the clouds broke up and we were surprised by the amount of snowfall on the tops of the mountains, and even more surprised by the snowfall alongside the roadways. It was a beautiful sight, but a bit alarming to see that winter had already arrived so close to home!

We switched planes at Salt Lake City, a beautiful city nestled in the middle of the mountains. It appears much larger by night than by day, with all the lights of the city twinkling. I've never spent time in Salt Lake City, but I think I'd like to some day.

The flight into Seattle was long, hot and crowded, particularly since we had to sit on the runway for an hour before we were cleared for take-off, but it was exciting to finally reach Seattle and see the skyline all lit up at night! We saw the Kingdome and the Space Needle, among other Seattle landmarks, and the chills began!! We were met at the airport by my friend, Jan, and her daughter, Dena! It was WONDERFUL to see them again!

Friday, November 6, 1998

We spent the morning just dinking around! Jan fixed a wonderful breakfast and it was fun just to catch up on things that had happened in the year since we'd seen each other last! We had chili and lumpia for lunch and MMMMMMM!! It was delicious!!! I wonder if I dare try to make lumpia myself?!?!?

While the boys worked on getting the internet set up, Jan and I took off for Point Defiance in search of a craft show! We found it alright, and had a nice time looking at the crafts displayed throughout an old, two story home! The craft show was located in a park that was beautiful! The gardens were showing the signs of fall, and although a lot of the flowers had faded I loved it just the same! I couldn't believe how big the tree trunks are or how large the leaves are!

We walked down to the waterfront to have a look around! It's always fun for me to get to see seagull after seagull, and Jan laughed at the number of photos I took! But I think I got the last laugh! Look at Jan's jacket and I think you might know what I mean!!! POOR JAN!!

Coming back up from the docks, we walked through the rose gardens. Most of the roses were faded, but I was ecstatic to discover that some of them still lived, and I still can't believe that the photo of this pink rose came out as well as it did!! (Note: The pink rose picture is full size and may take a moment to load. I've reduced the other photos, but I left this one in its original size. Here is the small version.) I wanted to linger in the gardens as it was so peaceful and beautiful, and I'd love to go back there sometime when the flowers are in full bloom! It must be breathtaking!

There is a 5 mile scenic drive through the park, so of course we took it!! The winding road made for a lovely drive. We stopped at all the photo stops and caught this view of the Tacoma Narrows bridge and these photos of the sunset over the water. (sunset photo #2)

Back home, we were having fun with apples and a most delicious dessert!!!

Saturday, November 7, 1998

Who says it's gray and dreary in Seattle? Rain? Pfffft!!! We crossed the Tacoma Narrows Bridge on our way to downtown Seattle. We read about the history of the area and had a chance to walk across the bridge but chose not to, with traffic whizzing by us and practically nothing separating the pedestrians from the freeway!

See?!?! Told you there's no such thing as a gray Seattle day!! Not even in November!

We had lunch at ... well, you figure it out (!)... then took the Monorail to the downtown area. We sat in the front car, and I think this picture really gives you a feel for the ride!

We stopped at this Egypt Store for our daughter, Michelle, who loves Egyptian things! Then we headed to one of my favorite places in the USA -- Pikes Place Market!

Why do I love this place like I do? It's the people, it's the action, it's the excitement in the air! It's the sights and sounds and colors and smells! From the garlands of chili peppers to the fruits and vegetables, to the fish and the flowers and ... did I mention fruit?!? I didn't buy anything but I wanted it all!

Note to travelers: Be sure to make Pike's your last stop, as you don't want to carry all that stuff with you throughout your day!

I'm still not sure how I worked this (Thanks, Tony!) but somehow Tony and I convinced Jan and Bob to go for a carriage ride! Chuck was most accommodating (though a bit aromatic!) and it was a whole lot of fun!

Downtown Seattle, along with Pioneer Square, is beautiful and I was thrilled to see signs of my beloved Seahawks practically everywhere! GOOOO SEAHAWKS! (Just a little plug for my boys there!)

We walked in the downtown area most of the day, saw a homeless dog, went to the brand new IMAX theatre at the Pacific Science Center, and ate dinner at Von's Grand City Cafe after discovering that Planet Hollywood was closed for a private party. (I still want to know WHO was there!!)

Sunday, November 8, 1998

Sunday morning was GAME DAY!!! I was ready long before the rest of the group so I had time to mill about and take some pictures of the neighborhood in which Jan and Tony live. Here you see their house, their neighborhood, their backyard and ... OK. Those of you who know me well know I have a fettish for trees! Here's their family. Here's the traffic they fight daily as they cross the bridge and here is a sunset they might see! NOW are we finally ready to leave for the game?!?!

We arrived in time for autographs, and I apologize that the photos weren't all that great. Here you have Shawn Springs and Jason McEndoo, as well as the Chiefs' arrival by bus and good old Marty Schottenheimer himself. (No comment!)

We went to the tailgate party in the pavilion and listened to the live band, Latigo Lace! I loved the flags and banners flying high! We even brought one of our own though we weren't allowed to hang it in the Kingdome. (We tried anyway! It was removed before the game began.)

This is a view from our seats in the third level, and this is a shot of the luxury boxes behind us.

Monday, November 9, 1998

Home again, home again. Had a Starbucks Coffee at the airport while saying Good bye to Seattle! Till next time .....