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Ruben Hodges Jr

Ruben Hodges Jr was there!

DNP in college
Free agent

10 July 2005
It's rumored that Ruben Hodges, Jr. still lives in Seattle.

2 November 2005
Our extensive Seahawk network reports that Ruben is still living in the Seattle area and was recently married. Congratulations!

Norm Evans' Seahawk Report

Vol. 4, No. 11
Sept. 13-19, 1982

Five former Seahawks last week filed a lawsuit against Seahawk owners, accusing the club of unfair insurance practices, breachs of contractual obligations and unfair medical practices. Former quarter- back Steve Myer, original No. 1 pick Steve Niehaus, three-year starting tight end Ron Howard, lineman Richard Harris and waived Ruben Hodges claim, among other things, that the Seahawks required them “to accept medication and injections by intimidation, duress, misrepresentation and fraud.” General Manager John Thompson, questioned the day of the filing, said there’d be no official comment until the suit had been examined.

From: Monica Hodges
Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2005 10:15 PM
Subject: Ruben Hodges Jr.

I'm Ruben's niece, and he does live right outside of Seattle, in a very nice house in Bothell. He and his long time girlfriend, Melissa, did recently get married in Hawaii, and they've been very happy. He works as a construction laborer, and he's looking forward to retirement. He and Melissa enjoy a very comfortable and happy life filled with travelling and all sorts of interesting things. They always have great stories at Christmas!