I think one of the most memorable moments in Seahawk history was when Steve Largent got his revenge on Mike Harden! We all know the story -- it's your turn to tell it! If you remember the game, the hit, and the revenge, tell your version and I'll post it here!

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    While it wasn't his style, the mentally-tough Largent could respond physically tough if the situation demanded. He came close to getting a career-ending injury in 1988 when he was savagely bashed to the turf by Denver Bronco cornerback Mike Harden, a hit that prompted a $5,000 fine. The cage of Largent's helmet was mangled and two teeth were broken. Steve was out cold for five minutes.

    In the next game against Denver, Harden intercepted a pass and Largent reacted with a vicious tackle that sent Harden flying. Largent admitted he wanted to hit Harden as hard as he could. "It wasn't meant to be a vindictive thing but it sure felt good," he admitted.

    Steve Largent's Revenge!
    By S. Cortese

    One season in the mid 80's Steve Largent was knocked out in the beginning of the season by a Denver Bronco defensive back. After Largent had made his return later in the season, they played the Broncos again. Somewhere towards the end of the game, Dave Krieg threw an interception to the same guy that knocked Largent out. Largent came from the opposite side of the field and blindsided the guy causing him to fumble the ball and leave the field with a concussion himself. To add insult to injury Largent was the one to recover the fumble. That is what I call the ultimate football revenge.

    Favorite Seahawk Memories
    By Mike, Lynnwood, WA

    THE HIT.....Steve Largent's Incredible leveling of that D.B. who had leveled and injured Steve in a previous game....I don't even remember the guy's name anymore, but it doesn't matter. The image of the normally mild mannered Largent, delivering such a devastating hit is forever in my memory....what goes around comes around and WHOAA!...did it EVER come around on that guy....

    My First Hero
    By James Kimmel

    I'm a 22 year old season ticket holder and I've been a fan ever since the 1984 playoffs. Steve Largent was my first hero. Anyone who saw him lay Denver's Mike Hardin out after a Dave Krieg interception and knew about the cheap shot Hardin gave Largent a few weeks prior can't help but love the man.

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