We Won!! The 'We Can't Win When Becky's at the Game' streak has been broken!! Wooo Hooo!! Yea Seahawks!!

This game was a real eye opener for me because, though I suspected it before, I realized today just how different each stadium can be! They each seem to have their own personality and if you read the three game day reports on this page, I think you'll see what I mean. Each is unique and each is exciting in very different ways! In Seattle, it's the thrill of being in the Kingdome among fellow fans! In Arrowhead, it's the thrill of the tailgating and getting caught up in the spirit of Arrowhead. In St. Louis, it's...well, it's very different. Read on and you'll understand what I'm talking about!!

We drove to the game Sunday morning from Foristell, MO which is west of St. Louis. We got started later than I'd hoped (just try getting 7 people organized!!) so the opportunity for autographs was non-existent. : -( As we pulled into the parking lot for the Metro Link, I couldn't help but notice a large sign with a Rams helmet, and that's all it took for that first big rush! (The first of many!) As we walked towards the train, I thought I was hallucinating when I saw other Seahawk jerseys and team apparel! What a surprise! What a rush! As we got closer, I noticed a jersey with #34. Reggie Brown?!? Hmmm... Knowing that a Reggie Brown jersey is probably not a jersey you can walk into a store and purchase off a rack, I had to ask.... Were they family members? YES! I was waiting in line for the Metro Link with Reggie Brown's father (and other members of his family!) We hadn't even gotten to the stadium and already the fun was in full swing!! Mr. Brown was very kind and we visited for a few minutes! It was a great thrill to me! I appreciate the time he and his family spent humoring my fanaticism!

When we stepped off the Metro Link, we only had a block or so to walk to the dome. Tailgate parties could be found in any area large enough for commercial sized bbq grills and fans were getting into the game day spirit right there in downtown St. Louis! I had to chuckle at the 'Smugglers' peanuts! They were sold outside the stadium with instructions to 'smuggle' them in or lose them! Who can resist that temptation?!?!?

My first impression of the stadium was that of awe! Escalators to the upper levels?? WOW! I've never seen that before!! The dome seemed larger to me than the Kingdome, perhaps because it was entirely enclosed as opposed to having outdoor walkways. I couldn't help but notice that a lot of people were dressed up for the game. No, not 'dressed' for the game, as in team apparel, though you certainly saw a lot of Rams logos. I'm talking ladies wearing dresses and heels, and men wearing sport coats. That surprised me, as I don't recall seeing that in other stadiums!

We watched the players warming up from front row seats, a spot we momentarily stole...er...borrowed!! I can't describe how much fun it is to be that close to our team! The wide receiver corps was practicing directly in front of us and looking pretty good, mind you!! Watching the game on TV is great, but being there is AWESOME! Another rush!! Knowing the players would soon be leaving the field for their final pre-game preparations, I made a mad dash to the tunnel that leads to the locker room. Too late. : -( I didn't get to personally wish them well, and it still bothers me a bit that not one Seahawk fan was standing there to shout praises and encouragement. (At least, I didn't observe any there.) With nothing left to do before kick-off, we headed for our seats in the third level near the end zone.

The rows in our section were very steep! We had individual seats (as opposed to bench seating) but the seats were very narrow and we quickly became familiar with our neighbors whether we wanted to or not! I immediately noticed the cup holders attached to the seat in front of us. A very nice touch! The view was very nice despite the fact that our seating was not choice. No complaints! In fact, the only thing I didn't like about the stadium was the public address system. It was very difficult to hear the announcements.

Sitting right beside us was another Seahawks fan! What luck! As they introduced the Hawks, I scouted around to determine where other Seahawks fans were located! I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were a LOT of fans there! It was a very good feeling! I felt the absence of animosity towards us; we seemed welcome to share the stadium with fans of the Rams. (The way it should be! Thank you, Rams Fans!)

We started out somewhat slow on the field. I really felt that we were in control throughout the entire game, we just didn't capitalize on good field position. We moved downfield well and I felt confident in our players, yet the scoreboard didn't reflect that feeling. It was a relatively clean game, with few flags thrown in the first half. I was optimistic when half time arrived, as were other Seahawks fans around me.

The Rams fans in the stands were, well, different. They are a very civil sort, almost described as prim and proper! They sat quietly in their seats, rarely standing, even for big plays! This was most difficult for me to comprehend as I am one to jump up at nearly every play, offense or defense! During much of the game, we could easily speak in hushed tones, nearly whispering. It was that quiet between plays! Rams fans were good fans in the sense that they knew when to make noise and when to be quiet but I didn't sense any real excitement. It didn't have the feel of a game that meant anything to them. When a play went wrong, they picked it apart and expressed frustration, but they seemed entirely used to it. When a play went well, they were very vocal but again, they didn't jump up and down. They remained seated, politely clapping and cheering! I can't imagine how you can exercise such self-control!! They were patient with their QB until the third quarter, when we heard many boos and quite a lot of chants for Rypien. Otherwise, the crowd didn't seem to be united. There were no stadium cheers/chants, no songs, they didn't respond to messages on the scoreboard. It was almost as though the Rams aren't 'theirs' just yet. That's not to slam their fans at all; I was very impressed with their fans. The attendance was excellent! I would like to see them have some winning seasons to get the crowd pumped for the game!

The other half time observation I have regarding the stadium is how well it is run. When I went to the concourse during half time, I was amazed to see that the concessions were properly staffed! I was able to purchase a beverage in a matter of, I don't know, two minutes or less! When I stopped by a souvenir shop to pick up some Rams' merchandise for a friend, there was no waiting despite the fact that many people were making purchases. When I needed more Game Day magazines than the vendor had on hand, she literally ran to the other stand to get an extra magazine for me. And ladies, let me tell you about the restroom!! NO WAITING! I was there at half time and I had no more than a three minute wait!! I didn't have to miss the game!! I am very impressed with the Trans World Dome!!

When the Seahawks returned to the field for the second half, they seemed to be on fire! We played consistently and held our own as the Rams began to self-destruct with penalties. The Rams fans gave up hope and I began to feel more confident, though I never take it for granted when we are ahead! I've seen too many games turn on a dime to become complacent! With each change in possession, more Rams fans left the stadium. I continued to cheer on the team, as if we were behind, with hopes that the Hawks wouldn't let up but continue to keep playing good football!! And it paid off! WE WON! For the FIRST time ever, I got to see my beloved Seahawks win IN PERSON!!! The curse has been broken and from here on out, I expect to win EVERY game that I attend!!! (Don't I wish!!!!) By the end of the game, the stands were nearly empty. As excited as I was for our victory, I felt badly for the Rams fans. I spoke with a few of them after the game to offer my condolences; I knew all too well how they were feeling...

Never having seen the Seahawks win at a game I've attended, walking out of the stadium with a victory was a new experience for me!! Seahawk fans were scouting the crowds for fellow fans and when we found each other, it was time for high-five's and Wooo Hooo's!! What a great feeling!!! I couldn't help but to stop and visit with other Seahawk fans, sharing the highlights of not only this game, but other games this season! These were true fans, fans who had flown in from Wisconsin or Michigan or Seattle or Kentucky! Fans who try to attend as many Seahawk games as they can possibly get to! Fans who will follow the team with their hearts, always believing!! It was an incredible experience!!!

THANKS, SEAHAWKS, for a memorable Game Day experience for me!! And thanks, Rams Fans, for being civilized! When the Hawks play in St. Louis next time, I'll be there...!

Photos to be added some day!!

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