We won! The Seahawks actually won!!! HOORAY!!!

I'm here with a different perspective on the game, as this was the first game I've ever attended at Husky Stadium. It's also the first time I've been in Seattle when the weather didn't cooperate!! NOW I understand what all of you have been trying to tell me!!!

First of all let me start by saying what a beautiful stadium Husky Stadium is, even on a drizzly gray day. Those shots we see on television of Lake Washington - every bit as beautiful as your imagination leads you to believe! It's much larger than I envisioned and very captivating. I found myself looking out to the water many times throughout the game; then again, it wasn't the liveliest game.

I went to the game with my daughter Michelle and our friends from Gig Harbor, WA, Jan and Tony. We caught the Park and Ride shuttle in Federal Way around 10:00 a.m. The buses were packed with Seahawks fans, many wearing Seahawks jerseys, hats, jackets and carrying Seahawks blankets and bags. (A pleasant change from what I witnessed a few years ago when hardly any fans wore team colors.) I was surprised how many fans were braving the weather to attend the game of a 2-7 team. WAY TO GO, SEATTLE!!!

I was thankful we took the shuttle. The traffic was something else. While our shuttle didn't have any problems until we got to Husky Stadium, the buses returning to the Park and Ride stops were at a standstill in traffic that was backed up for miles. For those of you contemplating going to a game yet this season, GO EARLY to avoid traffic problems, even if you plan on taking public transportation.

By the time we arrived at Husky Stadium, the drizzle had begun. Lightly, but it was a little bit windy and it was a lot colder than I imagined Seattle would be. I was wearing a thermal turtleneck (skivvy for those of you in Australia!!) and my #12 jersey, along with a windbreaker and I was a bit on the chilly side to be sure. We walked around the stadium a bit, looking at the souvenir booths. Nice to see the booths busy with buyers; that's also a change from previous years in the Kingdome when you could walk right up and buy whatever you wanted without waiting in lines. I noticed after the game that some items were sold out - another good sign for Seahawks fans!

Our seats were in the upper level (row AA for those of you familiar with the stadium). Perhaps not the best seats in the house but at least we were under cover!! Even so, we got out the rain gear to protect us from the wind blowing through the stadium. Covered in a blanket, I was still chilly. I can't imagine how cold the fans must have been who were in the open areas, especially on either end zone. Brrrrr!

The game itself wasn't exactly a showcase of talent. We made some good defensive plays that helped us get points on the board but our offense struggled throughout the game. When we'd scored two touchdowns, I was confident that we would win the game, although that confidence was obviously shaken up later in the game when the Chargers went ahead on the scoreboard!!

I realize that Kitna will suffer the brunt of the criticism for the sluggish offense, but I truly don't see how it can be his fault, at least not entirely. I can't pinpoint the problem with our offense because quite frankly, we're not on the field long enough to assess the situation. It's very frustrating.

There are two stat boards at Husky Stadium that show the offensive and defensive stats throughout the game. We were into the fourth quarter when the Seahawks finally hit 100 total yards for the game. Our section let out a big cheer when the stat board changed! By that time, the Chargers were well over 300 yards. So sad for our Hawks! On the very next play, we lost yardage and they had to change to board to go below 100 yards again!! Aaaauuuuggghhhh! It's a sorry statement when the crowd cheers for a 100 yard game.

What the game lacked in excitement through 3 quarters, it made up for in the final minutes! There we were, needing a field goal to win the game. The field was wet and slippery, we were heading into the open end of the stadium next to Lake Washington where the wind was blowing against us, conditions were not in our favor. We were in field goal range, trying to take more time off the clock while moving into better position for a field goal or the game-winning touchdown. Kitna handed off to Ricky Watters and he ran in for what looked to be a TOUCHDOWN!!! No, wait. Flags! Aaaauuugggghhh! Holding on us. Oh the agony!

The next few plays moved us backwards, nearly out of field goal range. You've all seen the replay by now of Kitna scrambling for his life, nearly tackled, spinning around and throwing across his body and across the field to Jackson for a first down that saved the game!! TERRIFIC play and a FANTASTIC catch!! Those of you who doubt our offense, look at this play again and again!! If only we could show faith in Kitna and the receivers and pump them up to believe in themselves the way WE believe in them, look what they could do!!!! I get SO tired of the negativity, especially in the papers after the game. After you've been beat down all year by Coach Holmgren whom, it seems to me, we can never please, and then criticized in the local newspapers even when there are brilliant moments to reflect upon, how can we expect our players to stand up and take chances, make the big plays, risk a big hit for the sake of giving us an extra chance when it's looking dismal??? I BELIEVE IN THE SEAHAWKS!!! If Kitna can make that pass and if Jackson can catch it in rain and wind and cold weather, I BELIEVE!!!

Our next plays moved us further from field goal range. The pressure was on Rian Lindell; he would determine our victory or loss. With 3 seconds left in the game a hush fell over the crowd as we waited anxiously. It wasn't a gimme on a good-weather day; who knew what would happen. The kick was up. I realize it looked perfect on television but at the game, it didn't look so great! I wasn't convinced it was on target and/or had enough oomph to make it across the goal posts. When the referees signaled that it was good, the celebration began!!! We beat the winless Chargers!! That's a victory that Seahawks will celebrate after our losing streak. We'll take it and we'll take it happily!!! We finally won!!

The feeling after the game was much different than what I felt after the game in Charlotte that I went to a month ago. A victory, even in a game in which we struggled, is divine! A loss, especially in a game in which we did absolutely nothing right, hurts so very much.

There are a couple of observations I want to make about the stadium and the fans. I've been to a number of stadiums in the past few years and as I've said before, each stadium has its own personality. I went to St Louis before the Rams were the Super Bowl Champions. It was a quiet, well-mannered crowd. I went to Mile High when Denver was at their peak. The fans were on top of the world. I've been to Arrowhead when Kansas City has been up and down, always enjoying the tailgating as much as the game. And I've been to the Kingdome when the Hawks were struggling and it seemed as though the fans were there for more of a social outing than for the game.

I LIKED the atmosphere of Husky Stadium. (Although I didn't especially care for the SeaGals in football pants!) There's a buzz in college stadiums that isn't present in professional stadiums. I liked being outdoors, even though the weather was uncooperative. The view was outstanding but that's not the extent of it. There's a really good football-feel in an outdoor stadium. There's something cool about having to bundle up and fight the elements to watch the game. Maybe, as a fan, I feel like I'm putting something into the game myself, as odd as that may sound! In any case, it was exciting to be there in Husky Stadium in the rain! The sound system at Husky is awesome! MUCH better than in the Kingdome! I liked the music a lot and I enjoyed being able to hear so clearly. That adds a lot to the game!

The graphics on the score board were neat too! I've always admired the traditions in other stadiums, and this is the first time I've seen Seattle attempt to create a few of their own. The First Down graphic (which I was unable to photograph, I was always too slow!) on the scoreboard was awesome! I loved it! The games on the scoreboard were fun as well, occupying some of the time spent on TV commercials. (Don't get me started!) And of course, when someone proposes at the game, WOW!!! I'M JEALOUS!!!

I thought the fans were REALLY into the game, more than I've ever seen at the Kingdome and I liked that feeling a LOT! There were a lot of face-painters and wildly dressed fans, and I think that adds energy as well!!

After the game we caught the bus back to the parking area. It was nice not to have to worry about heavy traffic and rain. I would highly recommend public transportation to the game in the future.

All in all, another great time live at the game!!! If you haven't seen a game live, GO!! Wherever you live, find the stadium nearest you and get to a game! Support the boys! It's a great time!!!

More pictures of our trip to Seattle:

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Gooooooo Seahawks!

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