The Beginning:
"They have embraced my approach ... in a manner in which they want to wipe the path clear and give me the clearest opportunity to bring everything that I have to offer. That's really what I was looking for, the trust and belief from the top of the organization." -- Seahawks Coach Carroll
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What's Being Said:
"If you know anything about me, you know I can't pass up this challenge." -- Seahawks Coach Carroll
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What's Being Said...

"Mr. Allen gave us the authority to go out and find the best coach we could." - Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke

"Playing against USC and seeing them on TV, he looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully, he brings that energy to Seattle. - Deon Butler

"His resume obviously speaks for itself. His energy obviously speaks for itself. Get those old Seahawks out of your mind. It's a new day." - Lawrence Jackson

"He wants to right his wrongs." - Lawyer Milloy

"Give me guys who have something unique and we'll fit them in. I like guys that are different and have their own way, style, manner about them." - Coach Carroll

"We're very thin in the secondary. Very thin up front defensively. Very thin in the offensive line." - Coach Carroll

Im excited about the makeup of our staff. Its an energetic group of teachers with a nice blend of experience." - Coach Carroll

"That's the way it is with coach Carroll. He wants it done the right way." -- Golden Tate

About Coach Carroll's previous college team...

Source: Seattle Times

"There was just this feeling that this isn't right. We hated USC. Hated them. So it was kind of a weird thought that I'd ever play for him (Carroll). Ever I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know what to say so all I could say was, 'Thanks for drafting me.' " -- Golden Tate

"Those guys always had a lot of energy. And it stemmed from him (Carroll). He had a lot of enthusiasm. I mean, I can't stand SC. Can't stand them. No one likes them, but when I heard he was coming here, it was exciting. You knew what type of tradition and reputation that he had. He was a winner, and that was something we needed around here and we'd been wanting for a long time." -- Justin Forsett

"I really don't like SC, deep down, through and through. It always seemed like they had more fun. They had a lot of fun and they won a lot of games. But now that coach Carroll is on my side, I appreciate him and I love him to death. I love his spirit, his intangibles. He has guys fired up. He has guys who want to make plays for him. As you can see, we've become a direct reflection of coach Carroll. We've become the embodiment of who he is." -- Roy Lewis

"Watching from across the field, I knew coach Carroll was a real energetic, upbeat guy. He always preaches enthusiasm and effort and enjoying the game, and I think that shows in the way his teams play the game." -- Dexter Davis

"They (Trojans) competed their butts off and had fun doing it. I mean, they had fun on the sidelines, like dancing and all that stuff, jumping up and down. You need that. You have to go out there and have laughs and enjoy what it is that you're doing. And it does translate to this level. Besides the fact that this is our job, it's also a childhood dream for most of us, if not all of us. It's one man competing against another, and that should be fun and Pete makes it fun." -- Nate Ness

"He's the same person every day. It's fun to be around a coach like that. He makes it easy to want to work." -- Golden Tate


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