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2012 Richmond Tigers!

It's that time again! We're in for 24 weeks of action-packed Australian Rules Football! Go the Tiges! The 2012 fixture can be found here with scores updated weekly. Keep in mind that the games end here in the middle of the night, so it will be a day or two later that I get the site updated.

I claim to be no expert, but I'm happy to share my fantacism with you from round to round, season to season! Living on the wrong side of the ocean (!), sometimes I get to listen to the games live via the Internet, sometimes I don't. Occasionally I'll get to review a game on DVD that's been sent to me by fellow footy fans in Australia. I only wish I could get the games live, because I think that games are always best when you're living in the moment! Your input is always welcome! Agree, disagree, feel free to share your thoughts as we embark upon another journey down Punt Road!

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