Great friends!
Spontaneous picnics at scenic overlooks
Bridges, towers, stadiums, wharfs, bays, sounds, markets, boats and the ocean
Seattle, Oregon Coast & San Francisco - 2007

"Mach Stiegl! Mach schnell!"
Traveling with Karyn & Craig is a hoot, and when you add Pat to the mix you get "STIEGL!" This trip was SO much fun!!
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The jaunt on I-5 to make time after leaving the Oregon Coast
The stinky guy at the Bengals game and the obnoxious guy at the 49ers game
     The lady in the restaurant
               giving commentary
               on my potty!
Why, thank you for asking!

San Francisco (about 140 pics of San Francisco)
Seattle (about 100 pics of Seattle)
Oregon Coast (about 250 pics of Oregon)
Seahawks/49ers (about 60 pics of the Seahawks/49ers game)
Seahawks/Bengals (about 85 pics of the Seahawks/Bengals game)