From: Karyn
Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 8:04 PM
Subject: Training Camp

Hi. I ran in to Kiltman and Moses first thing. I walked up to them and said, "hi, I'm Karyn." They kind of looked at me like, yeaaah? "From Becky's site." Oh, then they knew me!! It was funny! We chatted for a bit. They're both very nice.

There wasn't all that much going on ... or, well, there was alot going on but it was all kind of mundane. It felt like a drill to see who read the playbook! The coaches would yell a play and the players obeyed. It really felt like a First Day. Mostly we heard good feedback. I'm always impressed with the positive attitude from the coaches. Lots of "good jobs" and "way to go after the ball." Oh, except for my favorite quote of the day, "DON'T look before you stop! Stop, THEN look."

It was also pretty funny when, for the quarterback snap, he'd yell "boy, boy, boy, george, george, george." Oh, and it was very obvious the difference between, as Craig said, "An Alexander and a Farmer." (Not to disparage Farmer ... he made some sweet catches.) (Another quote I liked ... "Hang on, Hackett.") That was alot of what we watched, actually. A lot of throwing and catching and some quick-start sprinting. I was peripherally aware of some kicking going on ... and some defensive drills, but on the whole, it seemed pretty mellow! Did I mention they were in barely-there pads? I had to look twice to make sure they were even wearing them!

So, that's my report ... sorry it's short. We'll try to make it out there again soon.

Later! Karyn