The Beginning:
"They have embraced my approach ... in a manner in which they want to wipe the path clear and give me the clearest opportunity to bring everything that I have to offer. That's really what I was looking for, the trust and belief from the top of the organization." -- Seahawks Coach Carroll
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The First Year:
"We finally got something going and scored. Then we scored again. Then before you know it, we're getting out there and putting a good game together." -- Seahawks Coach Carroll
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The Second Year:
Out with Hasselbeck; in with Jackson.
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What's Being Said:
"If you know anything about me, you know I can't pass up this challenge." -- Seahawks Coach Carroll
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Coach Carroll's First Season

Its a blast to be a Seahawk.

He said it was a blast to be one of us. And he certainly acted that way. One thing about Coach Carroll - when he's happy, we know it.

One of the first most obvious differences between former Coach Mike Holmgren and Coach Carroll is the emotion on the sidelines. I love the enthusiasm Coach Carroll has for the game and the players. I love it when a player makes an awesome play and Carroll runs over to congratulate him as he comes off the field. I love it when Coach Carroll jumps up and down to celebrate a play, or when he turns to another player on the sideline to recap something great that just happened. Likewise, I like the way he's respectful to players when he needs to speak seriously with them. He's not afraid to get in someone's face and he doesn't hesitate to huddle the players on the sidelines to discuss problems. I love Coach Carroll's sideline demeanor.

Does it matter? I think so. It doesn't win games but it sure makes them more enjoyable.

"One of the things Coach Carroll has tried to do since I played for him in (New) England is tailor his scheme around his players' attributes. He's a guy who will evolve with you as you grow. Not a lot of people can do that." -- Lawyer Milloy

Pete Carroll took a lot of heat for all the personnel changes that were made in 2010 - a record setting 284 transactions. His theory was not to patch holes for the season, but to find quality players who could help us immediately and in the future. The revolving door of players received much press, first with incredulity and then in a more negative manner. In the end, well, we were the NFC West champions. Sure, you can argue that we got there by default, and we got there with a losing record. It's certainly true, but we were still better than our division opponents and that's how the league works. No one expected us to beat the Saints in our first playoff game, and yet we did it! Marshawn Lynch had such a fantastic 67-yard touchdown run that the fans went crazy and it actually triggered seismic activity! Say what you will about the record but we put the Saints in their place in Carroll's first playoff game.

For that matter, say what you will about the Seahawks first season under Coach Carroll. I'm sticking around for more!


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