Tribute: I had the privilege and honor of meeting Coach Knox at Dave Krieg's induction ceremony.
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Knoxisms: Dont ever again tell me how rough the waters are, just bring the ship in. .
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Statistics: Wins and losses throughout his career.
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What We've Overheard: "He so deserves it. He was the one who put Seahawks football on the map."
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Who He Is: Knox started donating Seahawk fine money to charity when he became coach in 1983
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Just for Fun: I hadnt been in the football biz since the Brian Bosworth substitution caper of 1988, but that had been some of my best work...
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Ring of Honor: Thanks to all of you who answered the call to send postcards or email to the Seahawks requesting that Chuck Knox be inducted into the Seahawks Ring of Honor!
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What People Say about Chuck Knox

"He so deserves it. He was the one who put Seahawks football on the map." -- Dave Krieg, speaking of Knox's induction into the Ring of Honor

"Chuck Knox is Vince Lombardi with a little more leeway. He's a fundamentalist. He wants people who will play fundamentally sound football. With him, if you block better than the other team and tackle better than the other team, that's it. You win. Sometimes he's criticized for having a boring offense. He's known as Ground Chuck, a nickname he hates. But he's been very successful no matter where he's been." -- John Madden in his book, "One Knee Equals Two Feet"

"`Hey let's do it for the old man.' He's treated us well and we wanted to win it for him. We love him. -- Mike Tice, presenting the game ball to Chuck Knox after Knox's last game as Seahawks coach

"Playing for Chuck Knox was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I can honestly say that things that Chuck Knox taught me and, not just on the football field, have helped me to be a better husband, a better father, a better [Congressman] and a better man. I reflect on things he said time and time again. He was one of the great influences on me, on what I am today and what I've done." -- Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Steve Largent

"I always appreciated how he coached, his toughness, and I will always appreciate the time he spent with a young coach coming into this league." -- Seattle Seahawks Coach Mike Holmgren

"I should open by sending Lawrence McCutcheon off right tackle." -- Herald-Examiner sportswriter and current horse racing publicist Jack Disney, introducing Knox at a charity roast at the Beverly Wilshire in the mid-1970s.

"Damn, I thought they told me this was for Chuck Noll." -- Jim Murray, referring to Knox at a charity roast at the Beverly Wilshire in the mid-1970s.

"Chuck won't deserve this. We don't deserve this. The (assistant) coaches don't deserve this." -- Tony Woods, defensive end, speaking of Behring's impending termination of Knox

"If he got hired in Nome, Alaska, I'd take the bus up there to play for him." -- Mike Tice

"He's a tough competitor. He treats us like gentlemen and he prepares us to win a football game better than anyone." -- Andy Heck, Offensive Tackle

"Would I like to have Chuck here in the future? Yes I would." -- Jeff Chadwick, 9th year receiver

There are only two places Mike Tice would consider playing next year: 1) Seattle; 2) Anywhere Chuck Knox goes if there is a coaching change. "I'd play for Coach Knox in Russia, if he asked me." -- Mike Tice

"Chuck Knox treats people right. He's very conscientious and a very demanding boss, which is necessary in order to be successful. He has the ability to separate the person from the football player and that is a great attribute. That's one of the things I've learned from Chuck Knox and will keep with me the rest of my life. I have also learned the work ethic from him... to work diligently for what you want ... that there is no substitute for hard work." -- Keith Butler

What Chuck Knox Says

Im not concerned about legacies; Im proud of the record, and I give my assistant coaches and the players the credit. They deserve it. -- Chuck Knox, speaking of his induction into the Ring of Honor

"The 12th man was really not a joke. It was reality."

"Football's been my life. I coached for 41 years, and I enjoyed every bit of it."

"It's been the craziest year, the toughest year of my career. But I'm a young 59. I want to coach another five years. Lean and mean and still enjoy coaching." -- Coach Knox after the 1991 season.

"He can make plays like nobody can." -- Seattle coach Chuck Knox referring to Kenny Easley

"Dave's made some big plays for this team. He's a tough guy. He's the kind of guy the players can identify with. He's a people guy." -- Seattle coach Chuck Knox referring to Dave Krieg

"I told our players we would never let the absence of Curt Warner be an excuse for us to lose. I told them Curt Warner doesn't play defense, so the defense can get better. I told them Curt Warner didn't play special teams, so the special teams could get better." -- Seattle coach Chuck Knox referring to Curt Warner's injury

What YOU Say

From: Steve Kelley
Sent: Sunday, September 04, 2005 4:13 PM
Subject: RE: Chuck Knox

I saw Chuck Friday night at the Seahawks' game and it was such a treat to listen to him tell stories.

Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 7:08 AM
Growing up in Rochester New York the only team you heard about was the Buffalo Bills. Also my dad is a huge fan of the bills. I on the other hand, started to hate the bills with the constent news on them and they were not even that good. So when Chuck Knox left the bills and went to the seahawks that is when I really started to pay attention to them, and I have been a huge fan since.

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