"Just do things right. That should be our slogan. Do things right. If you do things right, you're all right with him. He's happy, you're happy and we're winning." "

-- Seattle Seahawk Shawn Springs

Training Camp 2000 Has Arrived!

And the first report is in!! My on-line friend, Karyn, has gone to training camp and has sent me this report! You might remember Karyn from her stories and pictures the last three years! For those of us who live miles and miles from Cheney, it's reports like these that get up pumped for the season!

© Karyn Christner, 2000
Well, we didn't make it to Training Camp on our way to or home from Seattle (We had a great time, by the way. Went to the Experience Music Project -- amazing!... but that's another story.) But finally today we made it out there.

We went to the morning practice and it was nice and cool. They've got the field set up a bit more "fan friendly" too. There was actually a set of bleachers in the meager shade that exists! But first we stood at the waist-high fence and watched the offensive and defensive lines practice blocking from about 30 yards away! What fun! You were right there on the field with them, listening to the coach give advice...what a great coach he was too...don't know for sure who he was (I think the coaches should have to wear names on their shirts!), Larry Brooks maybe? (Defensive Line Coach), doesn't matter. He was very encouraging, followed by a way to make it better. I was very impressed. And they were looking good... quick, eager to learn, all that good stuff.

I was struck once again by the reverence the crowd displays. They're very quiet and speak in hushed tones, yet respond to any good play. The crowd was smaller than I remember, but maybe it's because it was the morning session and we usually go in the afternoon. (Although I have heard the crowds are smaller; the scrimmage drew only 5500 people or so. Last year I think it was over 8,000!)

Every 20 minutes or so they sound the horn and change what they're doing. While we were watching the linemen, there were other groups sprinkled about the field doing their own thing. Now they're starting a half-field scrimmage. It's also just on the other side of the fence. So amazing to be so close. Craig said it's like being on the sidelines at a game! (How cool would that be??)

Ricky Watters is carrying the ball, but can't make any yards. "Somebody stop these boys," he says! Finally he gets past them and just keeps on going into the guys watching, patting one of them on the head. Anthony Simmons says "Whassup, Punk!" The crowd loved that! Ricky Watters was so pumped and so into it... it was great to see at a PRACTICE!!

Kitna looked okay. His arm was sore yesterday and didn't practice, so maybe he wasn't really cutting loose, and it was half-field... Foley and Huard looked strong, too. Brock Huard has the huskiest voice! And speaking of voices, one of the coaches and I don't know who because I only heard him and didn't really see him, had a voice that carried quite a distance and over other sounds like you wouldn't believe...and he sounded just like Jesse Ventura! BEEP! Time to move on...

Now they're kicking field goals. They've got some funky little net that's set way too low to stop any balls. They're landing just up from where we're standing. Kids are scrambling after them to throw them back. (Altho I did hear one kid say, "I thought I'd get to keep it!") We walked around the site at this point, wandered through the requisite gift shop and didn't buy the hat I want, but I probably will next time we go. And they didn't have any fun accessories this year. Pretty straight-forward t-shirts and hats and such... Then we went and sat in the bleachers in the shade and watched some more scrimmaging. Alexander IS fun to watch! Our newspaper's been calling him "Alexander the Great." (Okay, they're not the most original...) And like I said, Ricky was so pumped and so fun to watch.

About this time Craig got a crisis call...so we had to leave, but they were done anyway. We didn't go to the autograph session so don't know how that went. Next time we'll bring some kids with us and do that too. Hopefully soon! And we didn't get any pictures...

So, there you have it! My Training Camp Experience!

Unrelated but passed on because some of you might want to know ...

And from Marolyn...

We did go to training camp. It was a last minute thing. I am so glad we went. I got lots of pictures with players. They were so nice to us. I am getting the pictures developed today. They had a big barbeque for us on Saturday night. We knew we were having a surprise guest and it ended up to be Dave Kreig. He retired as a Seahawk. It was fantastic. I got a picture with him and he signed Jim's hat. I was regretting not bringing my alumni cards with me. Oh well, who knew? Anyway, we had a very good time and will for sure go again next year.

Again from Karyn...

We went to the End Zone store in Seattle. You were there, weren't you? It's got just about everything. We bought Jake the cutest little Seahawks jacket for his 2nd birthday. I love that store! I covet that neon Seahawk they have! Seattle was big fun.

Thanks, Karyn and Marolyn, for the Training Camp reports!

ANY other fans -- please feel free to send pictures and reports and I'll post them right here!!!