Game Day: Jeff Bryant, Jacob Green and Tony Woods -- had credit for a sack against Elway.
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Statistics: Season Summaries and Statistics
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What We've Overheard: "The crowd was probably responsible for 50 sacks while I played." -- Jacob Green
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Post Game: No trio of defensive linemen stayed together longer than Green, Nash and Bryant.
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Norm Evans Seahawk Report, January 6, 1983, Photos by Rich Baker and Corky Trewin

This is the book Bosworth wrote: "The Boz, Confessions of a Modern Anti-Hero." This is what his teammate, Jacob Green, said when the team released Bosworth: "Good riddance."

On the subject of the Kingdome: "Any team that came in here knew it was going to be loud. We always played hard here, and we had 65,000-strong every time. (Other teams) would hate to come in here and play. The crowd was probably responsible for 50 sacks while I played. This place will be missed."

"I wish it could have ended differently, maybe with a Super Bowl or maybe playing the whole year out with these guys because I love them." -- Jacob Green

"I have tremendous respect for him and what he's done for this organization and for this town." -- Tom Flores, speaking of Jacob Green

Scanned from Norm Evans' Seahawk Report