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Jim White

Jim White was there!

Seahawks cut three, including Bill Olds

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin
Wednesday, September 22, 1976

KIRKLAND, Wash. (AP) - The Seattle Seahawks have obtained their 45-man limit by cutting three players, including veteran running back Bill Olds, and trading linebacker Don Hansen to Green Bay Tuesday.

Coach Jack Patera of the National Football League expansion team said Olds, a starting fullback at Baltimore for several years before he was obtained in the veteran allocation draft, "didn't turn out for us.”

"He hasn't improved," said Patera. "He's still making the basic mistakes."

Also cut were Alvis Darby, a rookie tight end, and defensive end Jim White, a veteran obtained from Houston. Patera said Darby "did a good job on special teams, but he was regressing on offensive play," while White asked to be released "because he thought we worked too hard here."

Hansen, obtained from Atlanta in the preseason, was traded to Green Bay for future considerations.

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Jim White
Date of Birth: September 5, 1948, in Chicago, Illinois
Date of Death: September 1981, in Denver, Colorado (33 years old)

Houston Chronicle - Published 01/14/96
He died from Hepatocellular carcinoma. He is considered the first ever NFL player known to die from a cancer linked to steroid use.

"Jim White either had liver cancer due to steroids or liver cancer due to bad luck," said Dr. Alan Rosenberger, who was a resident at University Hospital and helped treat White. ""It's tough to say he had bad luck."