The Beginning: "I think when I was 5 years old, I got my first Bart Starr uniform," Krieg said.
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The Seahawk Years: Dave Krieg trotted from the bench, threw touchdown passes to Steve Largent and Paul Johns and engineered a third.
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Retirement: Fitting that after so many years, Dave Krieg chose to return to the place where he began his NFL career to announce his retirement.
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What Others Say About Dave: Jerry Wunsch -- "When I was growing up, Seattle was my favorite team because of a guy name Dave Krieg. ...
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Dave on Dave: "Sometimes you just wonder how I've been able to last 17 years coming from Milton College," Krieg said.
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What You Say about Dave: Dave is my favorite football player of all time for one reason. He played at the highest possible level that his talent would allow and then he squeezed out even more by working hard.
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Dave Krieg for Ring of Honor! He's made it! Thanks to all of you who sent letters to petition the Seahawks for Dave's rightful place in the Ring of Honor!
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Dave's World Tour: Dave's been ... uh ... he's been ... well ... I'm not sure where all he's been but some of our super secret Seahawks fans have spotted him in some interesting places and we've got the film to prove it!!
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Dave's Stats: He ranks seventh in the NFL all-time in attempts (5,309), completions (3,105) and passing touchdowns (261). His 38,147 passing yards rank eighth.
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Interview with Dave Krieg
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For a while in the 80s, Seahawk fans probably couldn’t think of Milton College without adding the words “now defunct”. But there was obviously more to the place than that.

The reason for asking is that you supposedly came to the Seahawks’ attention after your coach wrote to the team. But football teams get these kinds of letters all the time, and players don’t get free agent trials out of them. The Seahawks seem to have known a little bit more about you than what was in the letter.

What do you think convinced the Seahawks to take a look at you?

"My college coach Rudy Gaddini knew Dick Mansperger who was Player Personnel Director of the Seahawks. Rudy sent some old 16mm tapes spliced together, a couple canisters of film and said, 'Hey, I’ve got a kid here you might want to look at.'" Two or three days later Dave received a call from the Seahawks.

"Jerry Rhome, who taught me how to play the quarterback position had looked at them," said Dave. Jack Patera was the coach and they decided to invite him back.

Although your career is linked with Chuck Knox, you arrived close to the end of the Jack Patera era. What are your memories of Jack Patera?

"Jack Patera was a really hard nosed guy, came up in the Bud Grant era, back in the Minnesota Vikings days. Old school coach, tough minded, physical, wanted our teams to be in great, great shape. Ran us a lot," said Dave.

Jack Patera didn't allow the players to drink water at training camp, believing it built strength to tough it out. Cheney, Washington is easily in the 90 degree F range in summer. Dave said, "We were the best conditioned 4-12 team around!"

Dave described Coach Patera as a "good guy, innovative, gambler, wasn't afraid to take chances." He was willing to use trick plays and unusual tactics on special teams. "Hey, our team's not so good, so we've got to figure out ways to do something," said Dave.

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