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1976 Players at a Glance

Scott Christman

Scott Christman was there!

First Cut of Seahawks' Roster May Come Today

By Don Fair
P-I Sports Writer

The fastest players by position were: Darwin Robinson, running backs; Rolly Woolsey, defensive backs; Jerry (Horse) Lee, defensive linemen; Steve Duncanson, offensive linesman; Greg Gibson, Bill Lide, wide receivers; Rick Engles, kickers; and Scott Christman, quarterbacks.


Walla Walla Union-Bulletin
Tuesday, July 13, 1976

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS — Eddie Ray. running back, signed.

Mark Wahl, Dan Shepherd, Brad Kramer, Al Knapp and Keith Muehr, kickers; Herb Singleton and Scott Christman, quarterbacks; Dwaine Copeland and Clifton Marcus, running backs: Bob Cason, defensive back, and Ned Deane, linebacker, cut.

Scanned from Birth of a Franchise

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By Scott Christman
[Editor’s Note: Scott Christman is a business consultant, who has recently spoken at a number of IRCC meetings throughout Northern California, on the issue of business team development, manpower, and benefit strategies. He has two degrees in business and marketing from Oklahoma State University, and has been a backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks as recently as 1976. His consulting specialty is organizational design.]

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