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Greg Collins

Greg Collins was there!

Street and Smith's Pro Football 1977

There could be a superior battle on the left side. Ex-Ram Ken Geddes started 9 games for the Hawks, but Sammy Green might be ready to push Geddes out of the lineup in his second season. Green started 5 games as a rookie.

Also in competition are hold-over subs Greg Collins and Randy Coffield, rookie Pete Cronan of Boston College and ex-Cowboy Ken Hutcherson, who missed the '76 season due to injuries.

Bills Sign Former Niner

Thursday, Sept. 29, 1977

BUFFALO (AP) - The Buffalo Bills of the National Football League signed linebacker Greg Collins, formerly of Seattle and the San Francisco 49ers to a contract Thursday. A Bills' spokesman said the team picked up Collins because of an injury that has sidelined linebacker John Skorupan for the rest of the 1977 season. Collins became a free agent when the Seahawks placed him on waivers.

From: John Carolin
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Subject: Greg Collins

Greg has been in Hollywood for several years. He plays very small, bit parts, usually has a beefy security guard type character. You can go on the net to find out which TV and film credits he has.

The last thing I saw him in was a small part in the TV drama "House" last season. I think the biggest movie he was in was Armageddon. I believe he also has a credit for an appearance in Bruce Almighty.

I graduated from the same High school (Brother Rice, Birmingham, MI) that he did. He won one of those unofficial High school awards as most likely to succeed. He had the scholarship to Notre Dame, received All America honors, but never made it big in the pros. He wouldn't know me.

Player Movement Is Common For Organizing Seattle Seahawks

UPI Sports Writer
The Coshocton Tribune
Wednesday, Sept.8, 1976

The printers in Seattle must be making a mint on playbooks for the National Football League Seahawks. The first year Seattle franchise, which makes its NFL debut Sunday, has had better than a 20 per cent turnover on its roster the past two days, taking advantage of the wealth of talent with which the 26 established teams are cluttering up the waiver list in getting down to their 43-man rosters.

The Seahawks have made 27 separate player movements since Monday: waiving 14 players, putting two more on injured lists, trading veteran wide receiver Ahmad Rashad (the former Bobby Moore) and adding 10 newcomers from waiver claims and three trades.

The Seahawks didn't slight their defense any, adding defensive end Al Cowlings from Los Angeles, linebacker Greg Collins from San Francisco and defensive back Ted Bachman from Cleveland.

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Seahawks having better luck on basketball floor

The Seattle Seahawks are undefeated? Who are you trying to kid?

Believe it or not, the basketball version of the Seattle Seahawks has been more successful in the win column then the first year team was on the football field. The Seahawks were 2-12 in their initial National Football League campaign and through Monday had posted a 5-0 basketball record.

Among those Seahawks making the trip will be former Pasco High and Seattle University standout Ron Howard. Howard didn't play football in college, instead being an instrumental force in Seattle U ' s basketball success. Others making the trip will be Don Testerman, Eddie McMillan, Sherman Smith, John McMakin, Hugh McKinnis Dave Brown, Sam McCullum, Dave Simsonson and Greg Collins.

"I hope nobody gets the idea we should give them a return game on the football field," Ingram said. There will be autograph sessions before the game, at halftime and after the game.

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