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Don Testerman

Don Testerman was there!

Don Testerman

game day

Street and Smith's Pro Football 1977

Don Testerman, a Philadelphia castoff, is the incumbent fullback. He gained 246 yards in 67 carries. Behind the starting backs are Ralph Nelson, Hugh McKinnis, and Oliver Ross. Duke's Tony Benjamin and Georgia Tech's David Sims were the drafted runners, but Larry Bates, who missed his rookie season due to injury, may slip in somewhere.

Street and Smith's Pro Football 1978

Seattle used two power backs at the same time last year. Sherman Smith, a 6-4, 225-pounder, led the team with 763 yards and a 4.7-yard average. Don Testerman, a journeyman fullback, gained 459 yards and averaged 3.9.

Rookie David Sims, a sturdy, 216-pounder, added 369 more, averaged 3.7. Testerman caught 4 touchdown passes, Smith and Sims three each.

Don Testerman Seattle PI

The Pride of Z-eattle

By Jim Natal

Zorn also has a unique trio of favorite receivers, each with his own style of running a pass pattern. Coming out of the backfield, Don Testerman doesn't so much run a pass pattern as charge it. Sherman Smith, the other running back [who was a receiver in college], doesn't run either; he's so smooth he flows. As for Steve Largent, the Seahawks' leading wide receiver, Zorn has called him "a circus in himself." Zorn divided his passes almost equally between the three of them last year, Largent catching 33 passes, Testerman 31 and Smith 30.

Maybe next time

Herald Sports Editor
Monday, October 4, 1976

With quarterback Jim Zorn passing on target and Don Testerman and Ralph Nelson running like veterans, the Seahawks have never looked better on offense.

They even had the audacity to increase the lead to 13-0 on the Super Bowl runnerup of last season.

Seahawks History, November 20, 1977

By Bob Pruitt
Inside the Seahawks
Vol 1 No. 12
October 24, 1986-October 30, 1986

In the fourth quarter, Pastorini continued to dominate the passing game and led a 76-yard drive that ended in a 1-yard TD run by Ron Coleman. Half-way through the quarter, Seattle finally hit pay dirt on a two-yard dive by Sherman Smith. Smith's TD was set up by a 25-yard Steve Myer pass to Don Testerman. It was 20-10 Oilers, with only minutes remaining.

Defensively, the Oilers really put a head-lock on the usually high-powered Seahawk passing attack. In the first half, quarterback Jim Zorn was riddled by the Houston defense, completing only 2 passes in l5 attempts for 19 yards. Coach Jack Patera decided to go with 2nd string quarterback Steve Myer in the third quarter, but he did little more than Zorn, going 3 for 8 and 36 yards. Each Seahawk quarterback was sacked twice and each threw an interception. One of the sacks accounted for Houston's final points, as defensive lineman Ken Kennard dropped Myer in the end-zone for a safety. Bum had said that the game was a must win for the Oilers and the whole team played like they believed him. Oilers 22, Seahawks 10.

Photo scanned from Pro! magazine

'79 Draft Success Too Soon to Tell

By John Thompson
Norm Evans' Seahawk Report
July 23-Aug. 5, 1979

Q. I don't understand your trading Don Testerman? Do you let your players dictate trades? He's a good player and I don't see how you afford to let him go. Finally, what did Seahawks get for him?

A. Don is a good player, of course, and we received two considerations: switching seventh-round choices this past draft in order to upgrade by half-round, plus a middle-round choice for the 1980 draft. While Don wanted to be traded because he felt he could be a starter elsewhere, we obviously can't afford to make decisions solely for that reason, and we didn't. The trade should work out well for the Redskins and for ourselves. Larry Polowski might not have been available to us later in the seventh round, plus we'll pick up an extra player a year from now.

Redskins Obtain Testerman

By Mark Asher
Washington Post Staff Writer
March 31, 1979

The Redskins yesterday obtained 6-foot-2, 230-pound fullback Don Testerman from the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for a fifth-round draft choice in the 1980 draft. The two teams also will exchange seventh-round choices in the 1979 draft, according to General Manager Bobby Beathard. Beathard originally drafted Testerman in the 10th round of the 1976 draft for Miami. The Clemson University player was traded to Philadelphia during the preseason and then was picked up on waivers by Seattle.

Don Testerman Seattle PI

Redskins Hand Hat To Curtis

By Paul Attner
Washington Post Staff Writer
August 8, 1979

Fullback Don Testerman, hobbled by shoulder and back ailments, is practicing again. He needs a good showing against the Broncos to make up for his lost time . . . Play of the day: a halfback option pass Tony Green threw to Terry Anderson, catching the defense by surprise.

Photo compliments of Michael Deegan

FB Testerman to Return

Paul Attner, Washington Post Staff Writer
July 31, 1980

One of The Redskins' wandering flock, fullback Don Testerman is supposed to return to training camp Thursday after a two-day absence, Coach Jack Pardee said today. "He had some personal problems that he had to get straightened out," Pardee said. "We got in touch with him." Testerman, who is competing for a backup position on the roster, told General Manager Bobby Beathard on Tuesday that he was retiring. He apparently returned to a bait shop he owns in Danville.

Redskins Release Runners Malone And Testerman

Mark Asher
Washington Post Staff Writer
August 26, 1980

The Redskins returned home to a new bermuda-grass practice field yesterday, a $20,000 improvement some players raved about as the best such field in the NFL. But Benny Malone, the team's starting halfback last season, wasn't able to use it. Malone and fullback Don Testerman were cut yesterday -- not a surprising development, since Malone had finished the Carlisle, Pa., portion of preseason training as the No. 4 halfback and Testerman's days became numbered.

Washington Post

By Byron Rosen
December 1, 1982

USFL Federals announce 13 more player signings, including NFL veterans Don Testerman, Seattle Seahawks' No. 5 all-time rusher (850 yards, 1976-78) and DE Ron Fernandes (Colts, 1976-79) . . . Available, a prestrike NFL starting linebacker, and healthy yet: Al Chesley, cut by Philadelphia in favor of an eighth-round draftee from Temple, Mike Curcio.

Federals Cut 12 From Roster

By David Remnick
Washington Post Staff Writer
February 22, 1983

The Washington Federals cut their roster from 68 to 56 today, and among those released were a number of former NFL players. Wide receiver Zion McKinney, who appeared in 10 games with the Redskins in 1980 and was cut the following year, quarterback Mike Nott, who played a year with the Kansas City Chiefs and three in the Canadian Football League, and running back Don Testerman, who played with the Seattle Seahawks, Redskins and Miami Dolphins, were released early this morning.

From: Michael Deegan
Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 1:00 PM
Subject: Don Testerman

Hello Becky,
Just FYI Don Testerman was an assistant coach in Morehead City, NC last year, and he moved on. I cropped 2 pictures of him now. [Web author's note: photos shown above and below.]
Mike Deegan

Photo compliments of Michael Deegan


Source: Blue Print Leadership Academy Joe Cribb RB-------------------------------- Former 49ers/ Bills / Auburn Univ.
George Rogers---------------------------------- RB Former Saints/ Redskins/  
Heisman Trophy Winner/ U.S.C.
Billy Ray Barnes------------- RB Philadelphia Eagles/ Wake Forest Univ.
Robert Edwards-------------------------------------- RB Miami Dolphins / U.GA
Ervin "Blue Print " Parker-------- LB Former Bills/ Chargers / Seahawks
Roman Gabriel ------------------QB Rams/ Eagles/ NFL MVP / N.C. State
Dwayne Harper--------------------------------------------- DB Chargers/ S.C.S.U.
Charlie Brown-------------------------------------- WR Former Redskins/ All Pro
Xavier McDaniel----------------------------------------- NBA NBA All-Star Player
Jumpy Geathers--------------------- DT Former Saints/Redskins / Broncos/
2 Super Bowl Champion Rings
Pete Johnson FB Bengals---------------------- / O.S.U. National Champion
Keith Williams---------------------------- LB Former Dolphin / Clemson Univ.
Benny Snipe-------------------------------------------- RB Steelers / Tampa Bay
Jim Lane ---------------------------------------------------Former NHL/NY Rangers
Edwin Bailey------------------------------------------------------- Seattle Seahawks
Dexter Clinkscale-------------------------------------------- SS Former Cowboys
Larry Brown--------------------------------------- RB Former Redskins / All Pro
Harry Carson----------------------------------- LB Former Giant / Hall of Fame
James Harris--------------------------------------------- QB Former Rams / Bills
Don Testerman----------------------------- RB Former Seahawks / Redskins
Anglo King-------------------------------------------------------- LB Former Cowboy
Deveron Harper------------------------------------------------- DB NFL Free Agent
Robert Geathers----------------------------------------------------- DT Former Bills
Coach Bennett------------------------------ Head Coach Costal Carolina Univ.
Willie Scott-------------------------------------- TE Former New England Patriot
John Awford-------------------------------------------------------- DT Former Dolphin
Jordan Rhodes------------------------------------------------------------------------Actor
Jeff Severson-----------------S Former Redskin/Rams 2 Super Bowl Rings
Barry Simpson--------------------------------Former NHL Toronto Maple Leafs
Ed Lee-------------------------------------------------------------------WR Detroit Lions
Cory Miller-------------------------------------------------------------------LB NY Giants


Norm Evans' Seahawk Report
January 6, 1983

Don Testerman, Seattle's starting fullback during the 1976, 1977 and 1978 seasons, recently signed a contract with the Washington Federals. Testerman, whose last fling with pro football was in Miami a couple of years ago, has been working as a mail man in the D.C. area.

Player Movement Is Common For Organizing Seattle Seahawks

UPI Sports Writer
The Coshocton Tribune
Wednesday, Sept.8, 1976

The printers in Seattle must be making a mint on playbooks for the National Football League Seahawks. The first year Seattle franchise, which makes its NFL debut Sunday, has had better than a 20 per cent turnover on its roster the past two days, taking advantage of the wealth of talent with which the 26 established teams are cluttering up the waiver list in getting down to their 43-man rosters.

The Seahawks have made 27 separate player movements since Monday: waiving 14 players, putting two more on injured lists, trading veteran wide receiver Ahmad Rashad (the former Bobby Moore) and adding 10 newcomers from waiver claims and three trades.

The Seahawks, who acquired veteran quarterback Bill Munson in a trade with the Detroit Lions Monday, supplemented their backfield Tuesday by claiming running backs Hugh McKinnis from Cleveland. Ralph Nelson from Washington, Don Testerman from Philadelphia and Oliver Ross from Denver in preparation for their home opener Sunday against St Louis.

Seahawks having better luck on basketball floor

The Seattle Seahawks are undefeated? Who are you trying to kid?

Believe it or not, the basketball version of the Seattle Seahawks has been more successful in the win column then the first year team was on the football field. The Seahawks were 2-12 in their initial National Football League campaign and through Monday had posted a 5-0 basketball record.

Among those Seahawks making the trip will be former Pasco High and Seattle University standout Ron Howard. Howard didn't play football in college, instead being an instrumental force in Seattle U ' s basketball success. Others making the trip will be Don Testerman, Eddie McMillan, Sherman Smith, John McMakin, Hugh McKinnis Dave Brown, Sam McCullum, Dave Simsonson and Greg Collins.

"I hope nobody gets the idea we should give them a return game on the football field," Ingram said. There will be autograph sessions before the game, at halftime and after the game.

San Francisco vs. Seattle

Oakland Tribune
Thursday, September 23, 1976

DELVIN WILLIAMS vs. KEN GEDDES - Williams keys 49er running game and is one of most underrated and best runners in league. He gets the edge here, because Geddes is not his equal in open field and does not often receive the help he needs on sweeps from the corners.

RON HOWARD vs. SKIP VANDERBUNDT - Howard is Seahawks' top receiver with 10 receptions for 136 yards and has good hands. Zorn always looks to him in clutch situations. Howard, who only played basketball in college, has the edge here.

LAST MINUTE FACTORS - Johnson's availability because of a broken nose and tackle Keith Fahnhorst's availability from injury will affect 49ers both defensively and offensively, respectively. Also will Plunkett, after six Bear sackings, be as "poised” this time out. He was not sacked against Seahawks earlier. Seattle could be strengthened if Dave Tipton's neck injury responds and he can play. Also, an improved running game, simply because new backs (Ross and McKinnis or Testerman in particular) have been around to know system better, is possible for Seattle.

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