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The complete Almost Hall of Fame was opened to cyberspace on December 15, 2002, which is the 18th anniversary of the retirement of the Number 12 jersey.

Congratulations to the newest members of the Almost Hall of Fame: Jack Patera, Class of 2005, and our special 30th Anniversary Inductees: Rocky Rasley, Neil Graff, Herman Sarkowsky and John Thompson!

We welcome all Seahawk fans, Seahawk friends and football lovers everywhere to a celebration of some of the greatest and most respected footballers ever to wear the silver, green and blue.

2002 represented the 27th season of Seahawks football, and the Unofficial Selection Committee decided to enroll 27 foundation members of the Almost Hall to represent the lifespan and lifeblood of the club. With subsequent additions to the hall, we currently have

12 Legends of the Almost Hall

30 Members of the Almost Hall

You are welcome to visit regularly as we put together the stories of these contributors. You are also most welcome to supply your own memories of the Seahawk story!

Steve August
Tackle (Tulsa)
97 games / 90 as starter
About Steve August

Edwin Bailey
Guard - Tackle (South Carolina State)
139 games / 120 as starter
About Edwin Bailey

Robert Blackmon
Safety (Baylor)
106 games / 96 as starter
About Robert Blackmon

Brian Blades
Wide Receiver (Miami)
156 games / 122 as starter
Pro Bowl 1989
Team MVP 1989
Man of the Year 1994
Steve Largent Award 1994
About Brian Blades

Dave Brown
Cornerback (Michigan)
159 games / 159 as starter
Ring of Honor 1992
Pro Bowl 1984
Man of the Year 1982
Legends Site

Jeff Bryant
Defensive End - Defensive Tackle (Clemson)
175 games / 167 as starter
Steve Largent Award 1992
About Jeff Bryant

Keith Butler
Linebacker (Memphis State)
146 games / 132 as starter
Ranks No. 2 on the team's all-time list with 813 tackles
About Keith Butler

Mike Curtis
Linebacker (Duke)
14 games / 14 games as starter
Spirit site

Dan Doornink
Fullback/Running Back (Washington State)
92 games / 44 games as starter
About Dan Doornink

Kenny Easley
Safety (UCLA)
89 games / 87 as starter
Ring of Honor 2002
Pro Bowl 1982-1985, 1987
Defensive Captain 1987
Team MVP 1982, 1984
Legends Site

Norm Evans
Tackle (Texas Christian)
38 games / 25 as starter
Offensive Captain 1976-1978
Man of the Year 1976
Spirit Site

Randy & Karen Ford
The couple who got the
Number 12 jersey retired
About the Fords

Neil Graff
Quarterback (Wisconsin)
Spirit Site

Jacob Green
Defensive End (Texas A&M)
178 games / 176 as starter
Ring of Honor 1995
Pro Bowl 1986-1987
Defensive Captain 1988-1991
Man of the Year 1990
Steve Largent Award 1990
Legends Site

Pete Gross
About Pete Gross

Dwayne Harper
Cornerback (South Carolina State)
94 games / 76 as starter
About Dwayne Harper

John Harris
Safety (Arizona State)
119 games / 112 as starter
About John Harris

Patrick Hunter
Cornerback (Nevada-Reno)
120 games / 99 as starter
About Patrick Hunter

Norm Johnson

Kicker (UCLA)
134 games / 0 as starter
Pro Bowl 1984
Man of the Year 1989
About Norm Johnson

Cortez Kennedy
Defensive Tackle (Miami)
1990 - 2000
167 games / 153 as starter
Pro Bowl 1991-1996, 1998-1999
Team MVP 1992, 1996
Steve Largent Award 1996
About Cortez Kennedy

Chuck Knox
Head Coach (Juniata)
Coach of the Year 1983, 1984
About Chuck Knox
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Dave Krieg
Quarterback (Milton)
129 games / 116 as starter
Pro Bowl 1984, 1988, 1989
Offensive Captain 1990-1991
Legends Site

Steve Largent
Wide Receiver (Tulsa)
200 games / 197 as starter
Ring of Honor 1989
Pro Bowl 1976-1981, 1984-1987
Offensive Captain 1979-1983, 1985-1989
Team MVP 1977, 1979, 1981, 1985, 1987
Man of the Year 1988
Steve Largent Award 1989
Legends Site

Sam McCullum
Wide Receiver (Montana State)
91 games / 78 as starter
Team MVP 1980
Spirit Site

Bryan Millard
Guard-Tackle (Texas)
121 games / 99 as starter
Photo 1 2 3 4 5 6
About Bryan Millard

Joe Nash
Nose Tackle - Defensive Tackle (Boston College)
218 games / 169 as starter
Pro Bowl 1984
Steve Largent Award 1992
About Joe Nash

Jack Patera
Coach of the Year, 1978
About Jack Patera

Rufus Porter
Linebacker (Southern)
98 games / 67 as starter
Steve Largent Award 1991
About Rufus Porter

Rocky Rasley
Offensive Guard (Nebraska-Kearney)
About Rocky Rasley

Eugene Robinson
Safety (Colgate)
170 games / 152 as starter
Pro Bowl 1992, 1993
Defensive Captain 1988, 1992-1995
Team MVP 1991, 1993
Man of the Year 1991-1993, 1995
Steve Largent Award 1993
Legends Site

Herman Sarkowsky
Instrumental in the start up of the Seahawks
Formed Seattle Professional Football in June 1972
About Herman Sarkowsky

Bruce Scholtz
Linebacker (Texas)
96 games / 95 as starter
About Bruce Scholtz

Keith Simpson
Cornerback - Safety (Memphis State)
108 games / 70 as starter
Defensive Captain 1980-1982
About Keith Simpson

Sherman Smith
Running Back (Miami, Ohio)
82 games / 68 as starter
Spirit Site

John Thompson
General Manager
About John Thompson

Mike Tice
Tight End (Maryland)
1981-1988, 1990-1991
130 games / 83 as starter
Man of the Year 1985-1987
About Mike Tice

Curt Warner
Running Back (Penn State)
93 games / 92 as starter
Ring of Honor 1994
Pro Bowl 1983, 1986, 1987
Offensive Captain 1987
Team MVP 1983, 1986
Legends Site

Chris Warren
Running Back (Ferrum)
123 games / 89 as starter
Pro Bowl 1993-1995
Offensive Captain 1996
Team MVP 1994, 1995
About Chris Warren

John L. Williams
Fullback (Florida)
123 games / 115 as starter
Pro Bowl 1990, 1991
Offensive Captain 1992, 1993
Team MVP 1998, 1990
About John L. Williams

Terry Wooden
Linebacker (Syracuse)
89 games / 87 as starter
Defensive Captain 1996
Steve Largent Award 1995
About Terry Wooden

Tony Woods
Linebacker - Defensive End (Pittsburgh)
89 games / 79 as starter
About Tony Woods

Jim Zorn
Quarterback (Cal Poly-Pomona)
126 games / 100 as starter
Ring of Honor 1991
Team MVP 1976, 1978
Man of the Year 1980
Spirit Site

Playing statistics are quoted from information published by the Seattle Seahawks online and in Media Guides. Copyright in the statistics is acknowledged.


The Almost Hall of Fame is about dreams as much as about achievements. After all, after so many years we still dream of our first Super Bowl victory. It took 19 years of dreaming before our first official Hall of Famer (Sorry, Franco Harris is a great guy but we can't honestly count him as our Hall of Famer on the basis of 8 games in 1984!)

So we welcome into the Almost Hall the men who made their dreams come true, even if it was for the shortest of periods. For whatever reason, they signed, they suited up, but they got no further than 1 game at the most.

Seahawks fans everywhere would have given so much for just one chance to be on the roster. These men got their one chance, and they deserve their own moment for getting what so many of us dreamed of - one day in the sunshine.

They are:

Dave Ahrens (1978)
Ty Allert (1990)
Robert Barr (1996)
Coleman Bell (1996)
Willie Bouyer (1989-90)
Barry Bowman (1987)
Lou Brock (1988)
Tony Caldwell (1987)
Jack Campbell (1982)
Jason Childs (1993)
Chris Corley (1897)
Al Cowlings (1976)
Alvis Darby (1976)
Fred Davis (1987)
Harlan Davis (1991)
Rob DeVita (1987)
John Eisenhooth (1987)
Russell Evans (1987)
Bill Fifer (1979)
Frank Garcia (1981)
Neil Graff (1976)
Jeff Graham (1993-1994)
Van D Hughes (1987)
Horace Jones (1977)
Dion Lambert (1994-1995)
David Lindley (1987)
Kim Mack (1987)
Terry Miller (1981)
Michael Moody (1994)
Alvin Moore (1987)
Todd Norman (1995)
John O'Callaghan (1987)
Bill Olds (1976)
Dean Perryman (1987)
Patrick Riley (1996)
Charles Romes (1987)
Sean Salisbury (1986)
Rickie Shaw (1993)
Donald Snell (1987)
Del Speer (1994)
Garth Thomas (1987)
Ricky Thomas (1987)
Gino Torretta (1996-1997)
Vince Wagner (1981)
Roger Weber (1987)
Matt Werner (1994)
Chris White (1987)
Charles Wiley (1987)
James Williams (1987)
Donald Willis (1995)
Robert Wilson (1997)
The Unofficial Selection Committee knows that some of these players played during the NFL players' strikes, which may still be a cause of controversy to some fans. Our opinion is that the strikes cannot be ignored, but neither can the fact that the strikes gave those men a chance to do something they'd dreamed of doing.

We're here for dreams, not workplace history. In the Almost Hall, we will not pretend that someone in a Seahawks jersey doesn't exist just because of the way he got to realise his dream.

Playing statistics are quoted from information published by the Seattle Seahawks online and in Media Guides. Copyright in the statistics is acknowledged.

From: DeJohn, David
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 12:23 PM
Subject: great site

My new boss, who has also become a good friend (Rob Devita) played arena football for a few years and was one of the fortunate few who suited up with a NFL team. You are right about not being able to take away the excitement, pride and the feeling of fulfilling a dream that a few guys got to experience. A feeling that will last a life time.

Thanks for your time in compiling this website.

Dave De John

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